Online library

This page will contain links to BMML files, that can be downloaded for further processing using BMML EasyReader. Files will be available in short time, according to our workplan.

Nevertheless, for the sake of appropriate testing of download facilities, the user can retrieve MIDI files, using search procedures. In the next months MIDI files will be associated with corresponding BMML files.

Composer Title Tonality Instrument BMML MIDI
Harald Genzmer allegro n 10 F+ Flute allegro_10_in_F_major.bmml
Harald Genzmer allegro n 9 G- Flute allegro_09_in_G_minor.bmml
Harald Genzmer andante n 1 F+ Flute andante_01_in_F.bmml
Harald Genzmer andante n 14 F- Flute andante_14_in_F_minor.bmml
Harald Genzmer andante n 16 D- Flute andante_16_in_D_minor.bmml
Harald Genzmer andante n 2 F- Flute andante_02_F_minor.bmml
Harald Genzmer andante n 7 A- Flute andante_07_in_A_minor.bmml
Harald Genzmer andante n 8 D- Flute andante_08_in_D_minor.bmml
Harald Genzmer england n 17 C- Flute england_17_in_C_minor.bmml
Harald Genzmer giocoso n 11 G- Flute giocoso_11_in_G_minor.bmml
Harald Genzmer lento n 13 G- Flute lento_13_in_G_minor.bmml
Harald Genzmer moderato n 21 G- Flute moderato_21_in_G_minor.bmml
Harald Genzmer moderato n 5 A- Flute moderato_05_in_A_minor.bmml
Harald Genzmer tranquillo n 19 B+ Flute tranquillo_19_in_B_major.bmml
Harald Genzmer vivace n 18 A- Flute vivace_18_in_A_minor.bmml
Harald Genzmer vivace n 3 G- Flute vivace_03_G_minor.bmml
Hindemith, Paul Tanzstucke n 1 C+ Piano Hindemith Tanzstucke n 1.bmml
Inolfo Dattazzi autori vari n 30 F+ 3 voices autori_vari_30.bmml
Mendelssohn, Felix Sonata IV per Organo Organ Mendelssohn Sonata IV per Organo (III Tempo).bmml
Meo Fiorentino autori vari n 26 F+ 3 voices autori_vari_26.bmml